Happy/euphoric dubstep

Okay so dubstep is known for being dark but it doesn’t have to be necessarily. Pangea - Router is about the happiest track I can think of simply because it’s not dark really lol DnB has a light side as well as a dark one and old early '90s stuff is euphoric as fuck (from the MDMA).

So can anyone do use a favour and post some happy stuff they know of? No cheese though please!

we probs dont agree on whats euphoric, love this pangaea track but to me it evokes sadboi burial-y vibes lol

~140 bpm and very 90’s mdma

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not what I was waiting for when I saw the thread title lol

the obvious

there’s a lot on these two silkie LPs

Von D

One of 1548289 lost Skream dubs

This one’s a bit cheesy, but i fucking love it

Scandinavian power

Yes yes my antidepressant people some good stuff, please keep it coming!

Caravan music

(think this just got a repress)

this whole Guido album is so good

i’m ooooverweight
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not sure if ‘happy’ but makes me super euphoric/hyped… old memory i cant put my finger on i think


Put this on my phone recently, always gets me membering when times were a bit more simple

Euphoric dubstep means to me Silkie, Joker, Dj Heny.G and Kromestar (on some of his tracks)

I m working on some vinyl set with only happy tunes like that

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you posting the original in another thread reminded me of this one as well


Ramadanman - Good Feeling

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