Has Dubstep 'Evolved' For Better Or Worse?

It now sounds sorta NOTHING like it did back when Skream, Benga, Coki e.t.c were around.

Skream Benga & Coki sound nothing like Kode9 Horsepower & El-B


Who gives a fuckkk

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What type of Benga, Skream and Coki style are you talking about…
•their post dubstep/brostep like sort of style like Coki - Goblin, Skream - It’s Not Over Yet or Benga - In The Jungle
•the transition between the dub style and the post dubstep like Coki - Beep, Skream - Filth or Benga - 26 Basslines
•the dubby/subby style like Coki - Officer, Skream - 0800 Dub or Benga - Skunk Tip
•the early big apple 2 step style like Coki - Countdown, Skream - Afrika or Benga - Blood

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That’s not true.

nether imo - i just sounds different, but tbh i love the old stuff way more than the new.
tracks like ‘Hyper Sun’ from Black Sun Empire are my fav ones :smiley: