hd650's and saffire 6

I know it’s good to have an amp, but do you think I’ll get away with mixing on them with just the amplification from my saffire 6 for awhile? I like to mix at pretty low volumes, but not super low. Do you think adequate volume will be there? I want to use them in conjunction with my hs8’s because my hs8’s are in a shitty room, and I can’t move my shit anywhere else for the time being.

Those are great headphones, it’s just not a matter of volume without proper driving, that’s what audiophile say.
We probably don’t give a shit about what they say… right?
Anyway yes you can balance out your mixes quite well with them and your soundcard :slight_smile:

Audiophiles are generally idiots anyways. What a dilly thing to call yourself. These people swear that certain power cables improve yr sound quality. Huehue.

Not saying that propper amplification isn’t important for headphones BTW

Maybe this should have gone in rants

I’ll go for it, if I need to i’ll get an amp down the road and something cheap in the meantime.

To mix on headphones going straight out of my lappy all the time lol. Shit headphones too

no point in getting a shitty amp. Don’t waste money and use your soundcourd output :smile: