Headshell Q

just bought m447s & headshells

do u guys set up the carts flat w/ the headshell or on an angle?

23-25° angle helps with reducing skipping on the back cue when you’ve first got them. Any more than that and you’ll run the risk of damaging your records.

Once they’ve been broken in for a bit, try reducing the angle to see if they’re still skipping. Some people advocate leaving them sitting on a record overnight from the start, but this seems like unnecessary wear and tear to me.

Yeah in the club I set them up on an angle. At home I probably wouldn’t, but it
will also depend on the way you’re mixing. Personally got Concordes at home though.

i saw a qbert video where he just puts them at the end of the headshell so… figure it was good enough for him i really dont have to bother w it

thinking of switching up to those, the ones i have (Serato S-120…) cost 75$ a pop for replacements. I dont stratch anyways. How do you like those?

$75 just for a stylus?!

Yeah they are solid, I’ve got the Concorde Pro’s. You can get spare styli for about $35 I think.
The 44-7’s are great too though. They pack more punch and I feel like they grip a little better.
Either one of the two would be a fine choice really.

It’s like with PA speakers, x prefers Void, y likes Funktion One and z swears by his L’acoustics
system. In the end it all has the same potential to sound great.

yea dawg. 75 cad for a stylus on ortofon II serato s-120. tarded imo.

use a protractor


either of the first two is good enough

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