Help with skank sounds

I know in reggae its normally a mix between a guitar and a synth piano/organ, but every time I try and use something like that it doesn’t sound quite right. Anyone got any tips? Should I just sample it from some good vinyl?

i’ll upload one when i’m home

Just sample it.

loop to sample a skank out of

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Look up some typical reggae chord shapes/progressions. It is probably that rather than a sound design or sample issue. Also 1/8th note delay, feedback to taste.

YO !

So I dont know what music you want to make (for what genre you need the skanks for) but a think that always helped me alot was just thinking outside of the box like listen to a lot of reagge tunes just to get the feeling and the chord right but dont use the standard Piano/Guitar sound try some more plucky things works creat and also to get the kind of flow use the same chord after your “Main Chord” but lower the velocity of the notes that way you get that kinda “bubbly feeling” (I think thats what they call it in Reagge) what I mean is that you get the kind of “flow” so dont get too much caught up in the sound and just get the chords right first thats what helped me alot

cheers !

Yeah I’m going to try and go for some kind of dubby kind of thing probably. I think my biggest problem is more the feel of the songs isn’t right more so than the skank. I just can’t get the same emotion out of the computer as I can behind a drum kit and that kind of thing. Thanks for the replies everyone

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Do you have any examples of what you’re looking for?
If you’ve got a guitar I’d recommend trying out different minor chords, just make sure you palm mute it and strum it kind of hard/quick. Add delay and boom. That’s my 2 cents.
Also, a lot of delay but I take it that’s given.

Tbh, it’s probably just that it doesn’t sound like the skank you didn’t sample, and it would probably sound good to somebody else.

Thanks just now got to take a look at that.