Hip-Hop (non trap stuff)


Video not working here but i can’t get on with E-40’s flow lol too weird


i feel it, he spits in between the beats pretty heavy and it can be a bit weird, he’s a nerd lol, super talented producer moreso than rapper imo

this tho?

this is like the Bay Area’s version of Coki - goblin, everyone rolls their eyes when it starts coming in “oh, this again?”, 30 seconds later the club is a fucking mess

“Jesus Christ had dreads
So shake 'em
I ain’t got none
But I’m planning on growing some
Imagine all the Hebrews going dumb
Dancing on top of chariots and turning tight ones”



alright, also since im nerding out hard rn, wu tang asked if someone wanted to come on stage and hit odb’s verse, my friend volunteered:

this is a former DSF member btw and might be the best moment a white person has ever had


lol came here to post this


another gully hyphy club bit


Fuuuuuuck. Mad props to that guy. He didnt say the n-word in that verse tho did he?!



Mods can we get rid of this offensive thread


Gtfo and Go back to your hihat rolls and chopsnares.

Did you even take your shoes off before you came in here? You’re messing up our carpet.