HLTZ - And It Goes Like [Dubstep] (Demo)

Hey everyone,

Fairly new here and have heard awesome things about the feedback of this community.
That being said I would love for some feedback on a new track I’m working on and plan on submitting to labels in the near future.


Who’s been telling you lies?

I feel the drums could come up, the subline maybe more varied. The sound design is nice, the mix seems really quiet though?


Congrats. Nice track. I could use a couple of your tricks on synths.

Kick is pumping too much though. Maybe too much limiting causing the pumping?

Overall relative levels are OK, but lay off the hard limiting/bus compression (IMHO). Needs headroom. No space in the mix.

was lowkey hoping this would be the Die! …and boomstick? tune

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Hey guys thanks for your feedback, there is no mastering on this track or compression other than some on individual synths. This is just a mixdown. However I appreciate the feedback on the sidechain @Tony_Recio

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Really? I’d love to see a screenshot of the final mixdown’s waveform - Soundcloud graphics don’t really tell a lot. But the headroom comment still stands for me.