How can I create movement/character to my subbass?

Ive been really inspired by Icicle and some of dj hazards work lately. Ive been trying to replicate the bassline from my favorite song of his, but cant quite seem to come close at all! Heres the song

I use fl studio, and use harmor, sytrus, and fm8. I understand that what I am asking is probably really simple, but I am still new to sound design. Anyone comprehend that bassline? Is it an lfo or something that moduates it? Because when I make subbass in fl it all sounds the same, there must be some trick for this, anyone got any ideas?

Try sampling the wind outside and putting a low pass filter on it


Or a high pass filter, whichever gives u da bass

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God I miss the days when there’d already be like 10 people saying HAM VST…


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i think wobbles was being legit tbh, he jsut meant low pass it so you take out the highend and probably pitch the wind down (people interchange low/high pass on the internet), and work with organic textures in general.
Ronzlo is being mélancolique and not making fun of you. He jsut wants to basically make his own operator patch and add a little bit of chorus.

Dont be ghey lol ur kinda shit for losing it on the first post… how the fuck do you make it through 1 page on google without commiting suicide? Anyways…play with you envelope a bit, depending on the sample, you can create an interesting hit with jsut that. You can also experiement with small pitch changes and perhaps compression to give it more “movement” or make it more dynamic.

Stay away from phase automation or anything you would do to a top layer bass that will put it in the stereo field. Sub is str8 mono or gtfo.

pick up a biunch of analog sub samples also… Heavyweight analog subs for example, is a good cd to get.