How to get Elektron sps-1 mk1 running with live 9?

Hey all,

I was hoping someone could give me some info on how to get the elektron sps-1 running in abelton live 9.

At the moment I only have the main stereo out of the sps-1 going to an input of my soundcard.

Is it possible to get the 16 sps-1 sounds onto their own seperate tracks in live 9 so each sound can have a different effect on it?
I have used the sps 1 with an external instrument device but any audio effects added applies to all sounds. Is it better to just sequence a drum pattern in the sps-1 and then record it to abelton?

Sorry if this is really obvious to sort but I do not know how to work this out and any help at all would be most appreciated!!


not familiar with the sps1 or live, but looking at the sps1 it has 6 assignable audio outputs, so I assume you could assign different sounds to different outputs within the sps1, but then to hear them simultaneously in your daw you’d have to have an audio interface with at least 6 inputs - then you could have up to 6 different tracks playing simultaneously in your daw with independent effects, etc on each.

alternative would be to record the output of the sps1 into your daw for each individual sound, i.e. record each individual part separately into your daw, not simultaneously

Thanks swerver for taking the time out to reply!!

I think recording each track 1 at a time is probably the way I’ll go.

no worries and good luck!

yea, you cant record 16 seperate tracks simultaneously with the Machine Drum…honestly…dont worry about having seprate tracks…I mostly just use the stereo output on mine. Itll teach you a lot working with the limitation of a single stereo drum bus.

Cheers fragments!!

but as swerver said, you do have six outputs to play w or you can record the tracks one at a time w the others on mute…I have mostly found drum machines tend to sound better summed to their stereo outputs…ymmv

Congrats on the MD. I’ve had mine for well over a decade and still absolutely love the thing.

As fragments said, you can get a lot of mileage just from of the stereo outs. When I do seperate the outs, I do it this way:
Stereo AB: anything left over
C: kicks
D: snare’s and claps
Stereo EF: toms if it’s a track with lots of toms, or sometimes key percussion stuff you want more flexibility on in mixdown and arrangement

I have individually tracked all the sounds seperately, but it is kinda a pain in the ass

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Thanks knobgoblin,

Some nice tips there that I will defenitly try.

Don’t forget to dive into the control machines. They eat up a sound source, but I rarely use all 16 tracks anyway. They can allow you to do some pretty whacky stuff, especially ctrl-all. P-lock that track and then play the mute and kit reset (function+Classic FYI) for killer controlled glitch out sections. Have fun exploring the depths of your new instrument!