How to make this "lead" sounds?

Like that: (0:40-0:42) (1:09-1:11) (2:40-2:41)

They are all pretty similar and probably very easy to make so I would like to ask you if you know any good tutorials on that ?

It’s usually called a screech, there are numberous tutorials all over youtube on how to make such sound in various plugins, which ever you have and like to use for sound designs. Basically type something like “how to make screech on your choice of plugin” hopefully you’ll find suitable tutorial

Thanks I found some tuts because of you.

I recently did a tutorial on this sound. It transfers well to most synths


Tbf, I was pretty drunk last night and went on a post spree, but google. They came here to learn so let them.

Lol, I think you mean portamento. A portmanteau is when you smash two words together to make a new one from both their meanings. I’m sure it was a damned autocorrect, but it still made me laugh.

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Y’know, I had a feeling there was something wrong with that choice of spelling haha