How to make this Must Die bass?

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make this bass at 1:08 and at 1:11
MUST DIE! - Animal Parade

Just from listening to it I can take a stab. Depending on the synth you’re using it’s a sub layered with 1 or 2 different synths over the top for growls (Massive, Serum, etc.). The synths are set on an LFO or and envelope for the growl. As for what that lfo controls it depends on the software. Mainly its going to be controlling the wavetable position for the OSC’s that are being used to give it that growl sound. To add effect its probably tied the cutoff of a filter using a formant or a comb shape whichever gets the desired effect.

If i was to guess i’d say some kind of wavetable akin to scrapyard or something similarly additive/’s been thinned out alot post the synth cause there’s an artificial hyped honky mid filtered quality on the whole sound.that could be from transposing it down after rendering it out.there’s also a free running modulation effect on it which doesn’t retrigger on key,akin to a resonator or comb filter.the filter movement itself sounds like a comb filter creating the formants rather than any kind of wah filter (formant filter) or whatever people usually do to create formant movement,you can hear the discreet delays in the sound which make it sound abit “thicker”/longer than what you could achieve with an ordinary filter alone

it has the properties of a physically modelled sound albeit alot shorter impulses so think along the same lines.delay,combfilters,resonators ( a bunch of bandpass filters with high Q’s)

Thanks all!