How to make Trap




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i cant believe my post was flagged and removed but wub can post a meme about how someone should kill themself and the MOD LIKES IT

im about to make a dubstep forum aimed diss track and drop the mic and never come back


promises promises… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the one hand cheers for taking the time to show all the clamoring n00baphytes how to mek teh EDMz. That’s giving back directly and more than most of us can say (myself incl.)

On the other hand, it’s admittedly problematic when someone “teaches” others to repeat musical/stylistic cliches in the name of teaching them how to create original music.

Personally the more a sound solidifies into a set of trademark checkboxes the more I lose interest, historically. Dubstep settling firmly into 140 and losing some of its musicality did that to me. Thank goodness we have the Madshit™ now to pick up the torch and carry the mutation forward.

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its promo breh he doesnt care about the state of a music genre, he cares about the subs

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besides edm trap was dead before it started i would think?

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Yes, I agree this is an issue and it was wrong of me to like the image instead of carefully reading the embedded text and consequentely removing it. This was a slip-up on my part and I sincerely apologise for it.

Yet I fail to see why you’d bring an other isolated incident up in this thread. This is not SNH. This is not your place to troll and make fun of other people. So yes, if me deleting your disruptive post upsets you that much, be my guest, record a diss track, drop the mic and never come back. Or, alternatively, just quit hassling this guy who (as @_ronzlo kindly pointed out) contributed to this site with arguably good intentions. If you don’t like the result of his work, you’re always welcome to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

ok i can understand jrkhands ur concern, but my post was in no means disruptive, I bumped his thread, and made a funny which did not slander his vid. It’s hardly a troll comment, that you wouldnt find a talk show host saying while this kid is on the show promoting his goods.

In his first thread, I asked for people to behave.
In his second thread, people still are taking the piss.
Can we all agree it’s a bad thing and we should refrain from doing it again?

If not, please take it up with me via pm; this thread has already been derailed enough.

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I nominate @wobbles to do a tutorial on something more sophisticated for us oldhedz. Seriously, I’d watch.

and OP: please do a Madshit™ tut as well. :wink:

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Stop trying to create a new genre name Ronzlo so help me. ppl call Arca wonky I think

or something hop

Hey, Johnlenham coined it. Not me. At first I was like “that’s a terrible name” but the more I think about it, the more it sticks. Especially with the TM.

I would’ve called it something pretentious like ‘mutant sound’ or ‘abstruct’. :badteeth:

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tune battleeeeeee

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The point of the episode is to show them a possible way of making trap. I was showing all you how I do it and you can take that information as you will.

Hah so true!


Im interested in showing beginners how i make Trap. If you saw on my post i said it is for beginners and if you have made trap before you probably will not be interested by it.