How to release your tracks through major record labels

Hi there, I make deep/dark dubstep tracks, and I want to get the track released by a good label, so that it reach to some good number of people , I was thinking of getting the tracks published by “GetDarker” label. I don’t know which other label has a good audience who listen that kind of music (dark old school dubstep). Do u know how these things work, like how to contact the label for all this, and how much did they charge for release and all that stuff.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Most labels have email addresses that you can send demos to. Usually found on the labels’ web site. TBH I think if you care enough you can figure it out.

You should never pay to have your track(s) released on a label, they are meant to pay you for your music lol.

as a demo, can I send unmixed version/sample ?

I would send full tunes. Only one or two. If you send WAVs make sure your artist name is in the file name. Include information about yourself in the email with phone number and email. Don’t harass them if they don’t respond back quickly. Expect failure around every corner.

No one will just decide to sign your tunes on the basis of an email btw. The goal is to create a relationship with the DJ or A&R person on the other end. Be patient and like I said expect and accept failure when it comes.

yeah,thanks bro, can you suggest me some good labels, which release deep/dark dubstep tracks

I think you should research them yourself and understand each label’s output beyond just deep/dark
good luck


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thanx bro

actually, I’ll recommend a label that is digital only, very low key, but the people running it are extremely welcoming and nice, might be a good starting point.

thanx man !!

One more question, should I send streamable link in the email, or add mp3s as attachment in the email as demos.

you can do 1 of 2 things.

  1. message them and ask what they prefer

  2. send both, email with links to streaming and attached files

Yeah I did message them about asking the procedure of releasing tracks, but they never replied

Give them some time to respond

Try Big Apple Records


I will, thanx man !