I know it is not Dubstep but maybe some one can help ? ^^

Yo Ninjas !

so I am listening a lot to Trap latley and I was wondering how would one archive this sound: https://clyp.it/old0qpqh

is it actually just a trumpet sample compressed and distorted or is there more to it ? I can´t really seem to get these kind of sounds down but maybe some one of you guys have a Idea ?

(btw. my mother tounge isn´t english so please dont hate :slight_smile: )

Fuck a trumpet, grab a saw, or more, and stick an envelope on the pitch.

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Ok thx dude Ima try it out

it sounds like what MorrisJessie said,just try out different saws and notch out certain frequencies you think will get you there,sounds like it has a bi of reverb too,but it could be from the drums or the little beep

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FTR, I think production would be better if people talked more about genres that aren’t dubstep.

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Yeah it doesn’t sound like a trumpet to me it sounds like a saw wave that’s distorted and the pitch is played with like slide notes. If you are on FL, try using 3xosc to make the sound with a saw and a square wave together.

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Yo thanks for the tips guys!

I got something cool but it sounds more lasery (can’t show right now since I am not on my PC) but yeah I used two saws and that worked out really good so thanks guys ^^

Okay skrillex drops

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