I tried to be like Commodo



Use a different snare, like something more clicky, not an 808. I like the melodies though, and the womps. Good tune man.

Ah! I was thinking about layering it with some percs to make it click. Great idea. Thank you man :slight_smile:

it’s a good ttrack imo

thanks <3

definitely has potential, maybe try changing the sound of those blips. Sound a bit stocky to me, nice work though

@CreamLord like some reverb? maybe make em a little more bright too?

@jalex thanks! That is a good idea, something higher pitched and faster

something like that maybe

Good ideas! Am trying this stuff out!

Nice tuna

Thanks dood <3

Hey Alex I know like almost nothing about music production so I’m sorry that I can’t contribute anything. I can say though that this tune does sound somewhat Commodoish to my ears so good job!


That means a lot! Much appreciated

@jaydot <3