ID on an unknown Coki dub

Found a 10" coki dubplate while cratedigging yesterday, one side is the weh dem a do remix and the other side is a very sparse, bassy track that only says “ice” on the sleeve, anyone know it?


nice tune…believe i’ve heard it once many moons ago…ice could be referencing underground ice or the track title…going with the latter for now.

u lucky shiiit

where do u go record shopping out of …curiosity…

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Notting hill
Went back today and they were all gone, they had loads before :frowning:
Emergency remix, robotnik, madman, duppy soursop, some dubs I didn’t recognise called owl, the chill, stable and more

Also my mate got this there, never heard it before and with good reason lmaoo


ya think coki bet all his money on arsenal on the weekend or something

fk that lil john one is joookes do want. like it’s horrible but < 3


how does one come across a stash of coki dubplates and leave without all of them in their possession?


Aight here’s the twist. Am OP’s mate and proud owner of tortured/act a fool mashup :joy:
Turns out they were stolen plates, taken by ‘CRACK HEADS’ (Coki’s own words) from his car 5/6 years ago.
Now he wants us to return them to the shop so he can collect them.
Whoever sold them to the shop has their details written down somewhere.
Best case scenario we hold his plates ransom for some kind of reward.
Extortionate bastards.


this is amazing

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Returned the dubs and appleblim who works there is gonna get them back to coki
Feel bad for the guys at the shop tbh, people slagging them off as thieves even though they only got the dubs in a crate from a shop that closed
Ah well at least it’s been put right now


nice one, tbf tho if i worked in a record shop alarm bells would be ringing if i was putting transition duplates out in the racks lol


Ha no way, I remember when that all went down think he posted on FB about it. Probably why he went to CD’s the bastards.


hopefully he’ll play these dubs out now :open_hands::open_hands:

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specifically the act a fool/tortured mash up


and the “ice” tune

didnt realise appleblim worked there, picked up a few tunes there before

Would be good to find that post again lmao

Man, I remember hearing the news of Coki’s dubplates getting stolen when I was first getting knowledge of the scene, that was back in like 2013-ish? Of course they got stolen way before that. This is history in the making tbh.