Inna Sound launch /w Foamplate (20th January - Brighton)


What’s up crew.

Pleased to launch a new sound system night in Brighton, kicking off with Foamplate on 20th January.

Will be three sound systems (one being my own) and will be a selection of dub, dubstep and jungle throughout the night combined with some project mapping visuals and festival decor. Will go on until we want to close to so probably jungle til midday.

£3 before 12 and £5 thereafter.

Any local heads would be great if you could reach…still yet to meet any DSF ninjas!!


Wicked man, will do my best to reach! What’s the venue like, never heard of it before?!


great…the main room is bigger than Concorde 2 making it biggest club space in Brighton, then it has two other rooms.

Unfortunately the combination of corrupt police commissioners and commercial council means that they didn’t get granted a license so being shut down and turned in to a budget hotel in April…so we had to go to lots of effort to get a temporary events license which only gives us til 2am but the synergy centre folks are letting us do a lock-in style ting til as late as we want! only difference is booze is based on donations after 2am instead of from the bar.

cus it’s shutting down in April though they’ve asked us to throw a big party in the main room for the next event which’ll be fun, and the guys who do Rumble in the Jungle in Bristol are bringing Fabio & Grooverider down here in April and I’m trying to convince them to try and apply for a later temp events license and try do it there instead of Concorde as a sort of finale party!! the rooms at synergy are amazing


Sounds like a great space. Brighton gets some great lineups, but it really does lack in good club spaces. So many have been shut down. Shame you won’t have this venue for much longer, but I’m pretty excited to check this out now. Hey, if you need any more djs for the next one, give me a shout! Will say hi if I see you at this one anyway :+1:


Just a bump/heads up…setting up for tomorrow. Gonna be lots of decor, and then there’s my wee stack in the corner and will be another rig behind the camera!

Foamy’s gonna have a load of fresh dubs at the ready too