Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Love both tunes! Unfortunate i totally forgot to check at 7 pm. There should be a plain sleeve press as the earlier presses so no stress yet … I hope!


Gantz - Elmo Rehab // Spooky Action At A Distance

FINALLY OUT DIGITALLY!!! I waited a long time for this.


meh. was feelin the vinyl only.


yeah same, but then again all Blacklist releases are on 180g?


Interesting how Heal sold out just the day it went back into Redeye’s “New Releases” page

I bought this from Redeye’s Back Catalogue section just a few weeks ago, Purely because Heal has grown on me a bit, it had been sitting there for awhile, also systm003 was in there for a loooooong time before being moved back to “New Releases”

Anyway I’m missing out on a lot of plates these days thanks to next level !!vinyl only!! hype marketing.

/end rant


Juno shows a forthcoming plain sleeve edition of Space Horror give thanks


Curious if the label on the record will be different considering its supposed to go with the artwork


Feels like it


Haven’t all the blacklist releases also had a plain sleave version? I know pocosink definitely did


yeah everything has


One can make the elitist argument 180g will always sound better :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah because the grooves are still the same depth as regular vinyl. Also I have a feeling that they’re more prone to warping. Like at least a 1/3 of my 180g records in my collection are slightly warped, maybe I’m just really unlucky…


theyre just heavier and slightly nicer to cue imo, nothing bout sounding better than a 140g

too many 180s in the record bag and you notice it tho…


I always thought the 180 was thicker so they could cut “more” in?
Like people repressing LPs as 180 audiophile ones if the OG pressing from '71 for £2 is the same.

Ive no idea obviously but yeah



Plain @ whitepeach too.


Assume all the copies with full artwork have sold out now?

RWDFWD emailed me saying they got less than they thought so have to cancel my order.

Fuck buying records nowadays, have to be so on the ball and even then you get this shit.


Recordshopping has become so much more enjoyable since I decided to stop caring about dubstep hype tactics. There’s more than one 140 record in my collection I bought purely out of fear of missing out - I don’t regret copping (most of) them, and the resale value is decent, but it still gave me pause and made me reflect on why I’m buying records in the first place.

Buying, listening to and playing records is about patience. Fuck impatient labels imo. Bad form.


Honestly this new Gantz record is the only thing I’ve been super excited / hyped about for months.


005 finally arrived :gunfinger:
Can’t decide which one I prefer, but both tracks are gargantuan
That vocal hum or whatever it is on Space Horror after the sample goes ‘‘Mistake…’’ is just brilliant.