Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Apparently they’re repressing the full artwork version.


Love that last really low drop on step on Lava. Caught me by surprise.


And then that drum roll into that monster of a drop. Absolute masterpiece of a production. Definitely my favourite release of this year by far.


The plain sleeve hasn’t even sold out at most stores. Wonder how many copies will exist once they repress the full artwork versions.


I ordered a plain sleeve edition as the limited version was sold out.
I totally understand the reason for repressing the sleeve edition, but they could’ve better remove the limited thing off and sell everyone a sleeve edition.


Gantz put something along the lines of “its already selling for 35+ on discogs ffs, we’re going to repress it”

He seems genuinely pissed off with the limited sell out in 10 minutes antics. Fair play, I wish more producers would speak out about these antics… surely as a producer seeing your music reach as many people as possible is a good thing? I understand the expense (both in terms of money and time) of represses but when labels consistently press nowhere near enough to meet the initial demand on the first day preorders go up… it makes no sense.


I mean in combination. In total there will be like 3 presses of the actual plate. Im just saying there will be a ton of copies.


Not necessarily. Its all relative to demand.

I don’t want a blank sleeved one anyway… I know it should be “all about the music” but one of the main reasons I love vinyl so much is that its more than music… its a whole package (or at least can be). If a full sleeved version is available I definitely would want that.

Just personal preference I’m sure most people don’t give a fuck.



jfc that second clip


Nice, i was hoping that lintumies would be on IMRV016, been enjoying that one in karma’s recent mix



I was like who tf is dalt wisney and lorn.


Lorn is sick, def check him out


This guy on SC with 42K followers?!?


I didn’t know about Lorn either. Listening to his stuff on soundcloud; easy fit into the Blacklist Sound.


Apparently yes. I listened to the albums he released on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune and really liked them.
He fits nicely into the label’s sound


Etch - yo-yo riddim gantz rmx out on June 3rd apparently


looking forward to the Lorn release.

Kursk should take LAS, Mikael, Karma, and Egoless on a usa tour


Ahh that explains the following haha