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lorn has been around for a long time, one of those guys that kinda hovers in some of the more “b8” areas of dubstep but mainly makes “mid-tempo/glitch”(which i absolutely cannot stand, just hate the riddim at that tempo), so many overlook him. He’s got some bangers imo but a lot of his stuff is way too ‘art’ for me.

I will say tho, iskeletor has made some mid tempo stuff that made me reconsider my hate of the genre as a whole. Dont think I’ve ever played an iskeletor tune and not gotten asked for an ID on the track right after, Dude is a killa


you’re just not British Columbia in the mountain forest on shrooms enough bro.




Step on lava is to easy to mix


lorn is a badboy


Insta-cop, Listening to Lintumies on the soundcloud preview I already want to drop this in with Coki & Benga - Night.


Every Innamind show the crew I DJ for, B-Side Los Angeles, has here in LA gets called the Innamind Tour. Our next one, Pt. 3, is LAS, Mikael, Kursk, E3 (ZamZam Sounds), and myself lol


Respect Cheyne.
Dude im so excited for B-Sides tomorrow, gona hit the road from Sacto to my hometown of Los Angeles

and woah bro I didnt realise you are Tetrad, always enjoy PDX to London Town show, lived in PDX in 2011, looking forward to your set man


Large up man!! Look forward to seeing you there, gonna be so much fun :slight_smile: yeah the PDX guys are really great, I’ll hopefully coming up there sometime soon, haven’t been myself.

PS where in LA are you from? I grew up in and live now in Culver City.


Oh shit man, any chance I could snag a ride down?

Edit: nvm I realized I can’t take time off work rn :frowning: I know cheyne cut a few of my tunes to dub tho so keep ya ears peeled hehe. Should be a massive night overall



I can’t wait for the black and brown slightly underwhelming artwork (compared to earlier releases ).



Yeah I know a little harsh :lol_og:


2pm PST


i was going to ask my ride if there was room but then i saw your edit
Next time maybe!

got my ticket for B Sides LA in July with Joe Nice


That was huge! It was a pleasure chatting, reasoning with you man

You attending b-sides LA July 30?


You too man! I come to all the B-Side events :slight_smile: if you’re there I’ll see ya!



thanks to Gantz i saw this when i did, Perfect timing, fit right in during the RP Boo Planet Mu Radar Radio takeover


Wildfire has really grown on me, reckon I like it more than lintumies atm