Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


I always think they sound louder when played at the same volume 0 dB for example


IMRV018 = Karma :gunfinger:


Whats the timeline e for both of those? (17 and 18)


Whats the timeline/date for those, i looked around the web loosely but cant seem to find a date.


no idea, 17 which is LAS should be soonish tho hopefully, 16 was released back in may or something


017 out on Wednesday the 17th!

Source: Innamind FB


gunfam lowkey reminds me of earlyish coki or something


My thoughts exactly, got this in a couple mixes on my phone, defo got that 2006 vibe


I thought of Mala - Level 9 when I first heard it. But yeah defo got that early DMZ vibe.


Cool release, gunfam is the one!


This Morning is gorgeous. Peverelist-esque


ye gunfam sounds a lot like neverland/bluenotez


uh less good


Gunfam is an instant classic. One of the biggest tunes this year!


Gunfam is awful

This Morning is my fav


Welcome to DSF


Tbf i wasnt fully feeling this one. Like I dont find anything “bad” with it comparing to everything else getting put out in dubstep. If im being honest there were a couple things i actually liked about it, like the usual innamind aesthetic of the sub and the mastering in general but I rate 016 much better, which I bought. Im honestly getting pretty bad tunnelvision for the Karma release at this point.

@RKM Yea its not bad but not good enough for me to not hesitate long enough to miss out on the pre… which is like, the time it takes for me to see it at work and then say to myself, oh ill listen to it tonight on my rig and see how I feel about it. lol.


buy it, sit on it 6 months, sell on discogs, buy neverland with ur profit

that’s my suggestion


6 months ain’t long enough tbh…and of course it also depends on how many are pressed, how many represses…etc, etc, IMRV014,15 and 16 you can still get for less than a ayrton on scogs


So Heal VIP / Cha next right?

What else could it be?