Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Crampton beat would be cool. Maybe a tad too similar to how ya feel, but I rate it


as long as cha is on there tbh


Karma — Terrorist i would have thought


Crampton Beat fits in more with System. Terrorist too I guess but who knows. There’s still Vacant Mind, Rush Hour, Static…


Cant wait for whatever it is, are innamind on quarterly releases or every 2 months?


Something like every 4 months based on their last few releases




Gunfam been around for ages like Tiger Sleep, its on Las Memo 2 which upped on 2014/08/24, when I asked Las about the tunes on there when it was upped all he said was ‘these are all untitled tunes by unknown artists’


will be every month from here on :slight_smile:


excuse me… :eyes:


:adios: money




it is terrorist


im hoping for terrorist.

also, one a month = madness :money_mouth:


did this guy really just disrespect a tune with a jah sample?
ban imo


Maybe some old and new test presses incoming, innamind FB


Yeah saw this a few hours ago. Really need some old gantz or something.


Innamind just posted on instagram that Iskeletor Feat. Gantz will be available to order this wednesday at 7pm GMT


Oh shit. Also forgot about those test presses. Hype.