Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


I’ll give it another listen. I wasn’t feeling it the first time tho.


This morning has really grown on me, weighty af and that piano bit is lush af. Beautiful tune




not my cup of tea tbh, never been huge fan of iskeletor
first tune is fairly cool tho


Yea not bagging it either. Plz karma release.





Already have the page open in mobile browser and an alarm set for 2:50


ur after the gantz one i bet? so it’s what 7pm gmt?


oh dear… well i guess there goes my decision to not buy anymore records this month T-T


Either that or blklst 006. But I feel like I’ve got enough gantz material. Any idea whos on 006?


wasn’t it heavily hinted by Gantz on fb it was going to be Egoless - I’m From the Balkans?


my bad thought it was you who was after Enso / Siyam


Oh I am haha


Fuck test presses - paying more than a regular release for no artwork? No thanks.

Bring on that Karma 12" - cannot wait to get my hands on Terrorist, Cha or whatever’s gonna be on there.

Also, I have a feeling Dubtro might get an Innamind release at some point - that would be wicked anyway, man’s got a shitload of killer dubs.


Any previews of Im from the balkans floating around?


i’ll happily part with $25 that will go funding further innamind/blacklist releases rather than pay the $200 asking price for the sole IMRV003 available on discogs atm tho


you just get it before anyone else is the attraction i guess, plus some of these are older innamind/blacklist releases that you probably can’t get hold of on discogs even for that price (although I haven’t looked tbh)…it’s funny, in the old days test presses/white labels used to be way more desirable


2nd to last


Fair enough mate, my Innamind back catalogue is pretty much complete so it’s not really relevant for me :mrgreen:


Yeah I bought loads of broken beat promos back in the day… Until I realized waiting only a couple more weeks to get the full artwork version was definitely a smarter move!