Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


fine, i’ll just nick it off your shelves next time i visit then

bet it’ll be months before you even realise too :evil:


Safe on IMRV003, thanks!


Totally forgot and missed imrv018…lol wot a prick


uh that was fucking fast. Not too bothered.


Did you get it ?


They were all shipping from the us


yeah just realized my mistake lmao


Them shits went fast. Alot of them sold out before I went through the list.


Yeah copped IMRV003 it was the main thing I wanted. I tried for IMRV005 but it had already sold out. I was tempted to get BLACKLIST006 and IMRV018 but I’ll wait for release.


nice. i copped 005 a few months back. not sure which i like better tbh


Just listened to the new Blacklist tracks from Iskeletor, and holy shit, wtf is this? (in a good way)

It sounds so mind-boggling but these tracks are so :confounded: Love it.


I want to cop. But I don’t think I’ll ever put them in a set. More for listening imo.


innamind testpresses shipping from US loose in padded envelopes… :nogunfinger:


for $2 shipping that’s what I expect. ( To the US)


for $13.50 shipping to the UK they could have forked out on some cardboard imo, luckily mine wasn’t damaged but it could so easily have been an expensive ashtray


especially test presses. ridiculous. Won’t be surprised if some people’s arrive damaged.


When’s Karma out?


If this is legit, I’m possitively surprised about Vacant Mind


it will be legit, this is the test presses of IMRV018 that people would have received by now


Its weird how everytime I read the track title terrorist the tune goes off in my head