What are some artists you go straight to listening to whenever you feel you need some inspiration?


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you talking about Pablo?


Honestly, I rarely listen to electronic music for inspiration to make electronic music. I listen to electronic music for inspiration for my writing quite often, though. Also, generally speaking, instrumental electronic music is some of the best background music for writing I can think of…that alpha state it tends to help induce in the brain makes for some interesting material ;p

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i usually try and look back on all the times girls were mean to me in highschool and try to channel that


Hitler used to paint too.


Hey, at least they were mean to you. They wouldn’t even look at me! lol

Prolly did, prolly just weren’t the ones you were looking for looks from.

Legit. I found out years after graduation a couple girls I was good friends with were crushing hard on me and I never knew it.

I meant more like “The Mean Girls” not anyone I actually considered a possibility. I never had delusional crushes on girls “out of my league” really. I mean…I probably fantasized about some of them…


So inexplicably frightening, disturbing.

An original Hitler

There is a head with horns in the background there. Personal acquaintance?

Start playing more with any knob you see

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For inspiration, I drink lots of coffee, delete a bunch of stuff, and get mad before I give up because I can’t think of anything.

lets the knobs move m8, no need 4 thinking

Depends on the genre. If I want inspiration for a certain type of track I’ll often listen to those type of tracks beforehand. Not before most sessions or anything though. And not for concrete musical ideas, just specific production techniques to try and work into the tracks. Helps expand the vocabulary, u feel