Introduce Yourself!


I think @exfox lives in Paris


I do!
and mostly agree with you DirtyPanties, even though I’m glad to see the UK scene in general get a bit of attention here :slight_smile: I think people are still too caught in the techno trend here eg “i go to concrete every weekend to drop my weekly dose of md while networking with my fellow ex-business school students” to properly get into something else for the moment though ahah


Hi there I’m Oski,

Was around the original forum for a fair while lurking in the shadows.

I run methods with a couple of mates which is a radio show and hopefully soon again raves



sounds fucking great to me.


:corndance:hello everyone! my name is grusm (aka 323)
im a very nice and outgoing person and i make any type of music
always of for making music and collaborating! hmu


Hello people, I’m very new to music production and I thought joining a forum would be a good place to start! I haven’t even gotten to the point of settling on a name for myself. The thing that has stuck for the longest has been catalyst. If anyone cares enough, could you tell me if it sounds too cheesy?


a bit less star struck now a days, mmm maybe not, no no i am, i stood right next to mala last month for like 10 min and didnt say a word to him, it was nothing


Hello, I produce music under a handful of different names, but the most suitable name for this forum would be Odyzzey. Feel free to check out my work; i would love to hear what everyone thinks!



I also do Graphic Design, so if anyone is in need of contracting a good designer; i’m your guy! :wink:




Hello, i’m just a guy making some tunes, sampling everything, programming synths, long story short, searching for eargasms.



Hi, I am Kloy.

i used to be lifeofcows and had an account on this forum that i used to occasionally post with, but then things changed.

I produce all kinds of music, but dubstep is my personal favorite.

my soundcloud is

I am glad to be part of this community again and hope to make some sort of contribution.

Peace!! :smiley:


Welcome back!

Check the following topic should you want to change your user name:


My name is grizzygrantt…
“Just a kid rapping/writing dope songs and doing dope covers. Trying to make dope stuff and along the way hopefully help some dope kids.” yup, that’s my motto."

Hope you can check out my songs and give some appreciation. Its all about depression drugs heartbreaks loneliness happiness with a twist of horror , beach vibes chill vibes and aggressiveness but still staying true to Hip Hop/Rap. Always be dope and Enjoy life!


Hey, this is Newcomer EDM! I produce dubstep and similar stuff under the name XOR.
My other YouTube channel Newcomer EDM focuses on promoting unknown EDM Artists, one of my own songs is there, too.
If you want, check out my own music channel XOR and if you want me to upload your songs to Newcomer EDM, just write me an email at
Thank you and have a good day!


Sorry? Why a meme?. My name is funny? My country? I’m introducing myself like everybody, with my soundcloud link, like most of you. Why a meme, my friend?
And why my link was deleted, if I can see a lot of users doing the same thing in this post?
Maybe that is funny. But you were rude.

Tal vez es mi inglés lo que te parece divertido. Puedes aprender español y contestarme, si fallas no dudaré en corregirte de una manera educada.


that was a year ago, soundcloud links in this thread have more or less become tolerated because almost every single person posts them and it would be offputting to newcomers if every ‘introduce yourself’ post was edited


Ok, thanks for the answer. I understand, It doesn´t matter. But I don´t understand why my comment can be a meme, honestly.


don’t worry about it man, that was so long ago, you good :onethumb:


You are right, i´m sorry about the bad vibe