Is this track missing something?
First post here :smiley:
Ive been producing for about 8 months now and this is the first track ive made that im completely happy with, and yet my buddies keep sayin its missing something? Any tips?

Do you think it’s missing something?


No. I think its perfect how it is.
I guess i should disregard what my buddies were sayin then huh?

I’d say so, yes.

It’s definitely not missing anything, but if you do a gradual highpass before the drops it will utterly destroy when the bass hits. Start highpassing maybe 16 bars out, slowly decrease the amount of bass till that vocal clip, then throw it all back in. It’s kind of cliche, but this track is so incredibly bass heavy it can create some good contrasts.

It is missing kick and snare sidechaining mostly so it lacks energy. That “thing” that is missing is probably just energy. Send all of your synths to a sidechain channel and whack em down so that you can get your kick n snare punchy. The common thing is volume sidechaining like LFOtool or volumeshaper but you can def improve by just using a stock compression sidechaining.

Yes, the previous comment about highpassing is true too and that is another reason why your track is lacking energy. Your build doesn’t build, it just stays constant…try adding risers to go up +2 octaves and also removing the low end will help a lot. You have to remove the low end for a build up because loudness is relative…if stuff before it is loud, the drop is like…meyah.

I would also back off on the vocal reverb. It sounds like I am listening to a song in a bathroom where the echo takes over the source. Other than that, keep working on mixing!

Overall pretty cool track though. Keep it up man!

+1 listen to this guy

So i sat down thinking i could do everything in 20 minutes. Ended up zoning and working for 3 hours. Heres what i came up with.

I side chained most of the synths, added a high pass, threw in some more uplifters and downlifters, changed the drop up a little, made the drop synths sound better, leveled the synts better, and took out all that reverb on the vocals.