Itchy Downward Gaze (deep darkDubstep) FREE DOWNLOAD


Hi guys i put this one up for free because it was just sitting on my harddrive doing fuck all.


Nice vibes man, really liking the percussion and drums. Not much to critique. Cheers for the free download.

I followed you on Soundcloud, looking forward to hearing more.


Yes, nice track!
I like how you played with the bass here and there.
The whole song sounds very well on my speakers!
On some points you maybe could have added some streched subbass to give it more depth, as a contrast to the kind of bouncy bass u used.
The only thing i don’t like is the aprubt ending. It sounds like somebody just pressed stop :wink:

Nice one, like!


yea i basically just ran out of ideas and got bored so just stopped instead of just adding a load of basdly thought out filler stuff

but ur totally right about the way it ends being a bit crappy lmao

big up man :wink: