J:Kenzo thread

This guy is on fire as a DJ, filled in for yunx the other day… huge set.

Just wanna note Piezo - Conquer at 57 mins, that new SP:MC & LX One collab at 30 mins, and new Thelem too at 75 mins. He also played both sides of the new VIVEK plate and a decent amount of Medi material. He’s got tunage from pretty much everywhere, it’s absurd.

Does anyone know what the fuck that track at 80 mins is? Jheeeeeeeez. Also wondering about 40:00, 1:18:00 and 1:41:00.

in terms of production, this seems to be the next big tune from kenzo

didn’t know it was called “revin” but w/e

it’s crazy to look at the long way he’s been coming since that infamous guest appearance on youngsta’s show in early 2011 where he dropped roteks vip. i know he had some solid releases before, but that tempa plate really kicked in the door for him. now he’s one of the few djs i follow. his mixing is always tight as F and the way he blends tunes of different styles, tempos and eras is unparalleled. for me he has become a better version of youngsta.

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Was saying that myself about two years ago, and ppl called me a fool.

He may not juggle 3 deck blends or own any of those super rare dubplates but the man can keep me interested for a whole two hours based on what you said above; tight mixing, diff styles, tempos etc. Jay is so diverse as a DJ, producer, label owner x 2, and must receive more exclus than Yunx now, it shows in his sets.

All about this one! His best dub in ages if you ask me

yeah on times i’ve seen him out and caught him on air, definitely similar style to youngsta but brings in more flavour, so much more satisfying than a single minded devotion to one style impeccably mixed

^(we’re pretty sure that’s j kenzo rite)

It is Kenzo, he’s used the same sound in Body Heat and Salute the Rockers

Ag come’on guys dont compare, remember he came up through youngsta, He is currently at the forefront of the scene yes, But dont come and say things like “better than” , “sets are more this & that”

yeah he plays/gets more exclusive 140’s, But i mean even yunx could really if he wanted too, (start reaching out and dat)

With that said.

Nobody can touch him at the moment. His rinse shows are the best for all styles 140 , labels are killing it too & his mixing style & skill is massive.

Dont really get why you tell them not to say things like ‘better’ and so forth (which i totally agree on) but then use ‘can’t be touched’ and ‘best’ which is way worse, it does not even leave space for any comparison.

besides that, my 2 cents for this is: kenzo is killin it, youngsta is killin it. no comparison needed. ever. nowhere.

well youngsta definitely did “blaze the trail” in a lot of ways for kenzo. they’re obviously both very talented DJs although I think yunx still has an edge in terms of pure technical skill.

but where kenzo has an edge is flare and his selection which i think has a lot to do with his access to dubs from almost everywhere (except the early days of course). i’ve heard he’s one of the nicest and easiest guys to get along with in the scene, and that’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that he’s pretty much the only DJ right now who can get dubs from all the major labels - tempa, medi, system, artikal/lioncharge obviously, etc.

the only label i don’t really hear him spin is innamind but that’s probably just a preferences thing - i don’t remember him playing Backyard / Tic for example.

i don’t think it has much to do with yunx not having access to certain tunes, but with him sticking to a very selected group of producers. i guess that aspect of exclusiveness is more important to him than anything else.

I agree, he’s rinse show is pure fire every month, he’s a great host! keeps me entertained for the 2 hours. I hope to see him in Aus this year!

Listening to the podcast atm, it’s banging indeed
Is that a new LX One tune at 30:00?

New podcast is up
featuring a guest mix from Piezo

fuckkkkkk such fire as ushe.

tunes of note / IDs:

6:00: Walton - Flute Riddim
13:00: He says something like ‘Jodacast - Capstan’ at 15:08 (couldn’t really understand him though) but I’m not sure if it’s the same song as at 13 mins.
17:00: Danny Scrilla - The Maroon
21:00: Dubbing Sun & Digid - ?
28:00: Corsa(?) - Boar Nose(?) (again, couldn’t understand him)
1:27:00: Digid - Rooftop Steppa

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yh brother that one tune is by myself, tunes called bulldose

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oh big up man, i see you now

huge tune, any plans for it?

glad u feel the sound man!
this ones forthcoming

So the tune is called Revan. Big one, wonder if it’s Tempa or Artikal