Jaydot-Snake Charmer


Another percussion-driven roller-talk to me.

There was some nice hand percussion in the intro, was hoping it would continue in the drop. Felt like a different song, or less energetic anyway. Nice track otherwise

your sounds coming along really well in ya last couple of tracks.

The errrrruuummmmm, groaning-pad kinda chant… lol, maybe a bit overpowering in the mix?

A little level reduction maybe? With some EQ reduction in the highs frequencies 1-2,500Khz, have a notch about and see what works just to reduce the presence.

Maybe a little low low pass or shelf 10,000-12,000Khz, but defo some reduction around 5-9,000Khz (sounds a little sharp on the ears) will defo help free up some space, and also let the ‘lower’ elements through.

^This indeed