Jazz Music


Man, posting this again.

This is Coltrane’s rhythm section with Wayne’s bandmate in the Jazz Messengers, Lee Morgan. This was shortly before Wayne joined Miles’ group which was one of the baddest bands ever. That tune above this one was written by Wayne too.


I once shook Elvin Jones’ hand. His hands were so big; it felt like his hand was twice the size of mine. He was a big dude.


I was hoping she’d turn up for Joe Armon-Jones’ gig as a guest and she did. Amazing player.

Fly Free and Red Sun are possibly two of my all time top jazz joints. Shame the pressing is bad, but free digital at least…



This album is really nice. Not a lot of info about the artists around



Bought this lp years ago purely for sampling. More able to appreciate it for what it is now.


One of those albums you can have in the background or upfront. Really nice.


Everything on this is fantastic, bare effort gone into the overall package as well.



copped this yesterday…


Seeing them again next month at Koko, looking forward.






Today’s listening


The break near the end of this though. Timestamped:


New Jon Hassell is bloody great.



This is definitely my favourite version of Autumn Leaves. What instrument did you play in the ensemble?

I’ve been practicing it on piano lately. Trying to learn the full arrangement and combine different techniques (this video has been really helpful if anyone’s interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aypIlBdbtt8)


I played the upright bass.