Jev - Peanut Butter [Hard Dubstep] (In need of feedback)

Hey guys.

The other day I was looking for a good dubstep forum where I would post my tracks for feedback, and I already knew about this one but It won’t let me register (in the old forum). So now im here, asking for feedback on a track I made 8 days ago. Looking for any opinions!

Jev - Peanut Butter


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Just had a listen and I’ll start by saying this style of dubstep isn’t my kinda thing so I might not be best to give advice.

Your drop is made less impactful i think because it takes to long to drop. Dropping at 16 bars would be better i think as you’re looking for a big impact drop, not a long build up to a tune.

If you want your drop to have a big impact, look to not use your kick drums in the majority of the intro, if you listen to this: the drop is made much harder by not having a load of kicks in the intro. Like, you could put kicks in the last 2 bars before the drop and it’d be cool, but all the way through kinda takes emphasis from the drop IMO.

Also I think you need some more bass, I’ve listened to it a few times and im not getting any sub or low end, except for a little bit from your drums, you need some more bass so you hit your audience with a big wall of sound for the best kinda thing. kinda like this: the tune is a monster, and the bassline through it is heavy as fuck.

Hope this helps even a little bit.

Thank you! I’ll try to improve the next time.