Johney's dubs


any chance of a copy mate? big one


Did a remix for a friend of mine, the EP is dropping at the end of this month.


out March 16th as a free download.
rest of the compilation is definitely worth checking if you’re into 170-not-quite-dnb stuff, 1-2 tracks uploaded every day :slight_smile:


please don’t spam my thread :nogunfinger:


O damn is this just for your music sorry bro

im new


no worries,

you can create your own thread in this subforum (although new accounts must have a certain amount of posts before being able to create threads iirc)

or try posting it here:


new 1 on the cloud:


The D& B tune is super sick. Big Jungle-ism.


some 2step dnb biz:


Wobbly dubstep bit:





free/name your price ep on our crew’s netlabel :slight_smile:


Sick one g


Thanks mate! :vulcan_salute:


You can grab these for free on my bandcamp now :corndance:


This is nice ! like the way the kick pops, the rhythm of the high hats is lovely too,

That switch up when the “wobs” come in is a bit unexpected but makes more sense the longer it plays out…

Nice on the reverb too, really subtle not too overpowering


thank you! glad you’re feeling :slight_smile: it’s clips of two tunes hence the switchup, i’m running low on soundcloud minutes :slight_smile:


Here’s a new bit:


Nice. Maybe hihats are a little bit “soft” to my taste…