Jungle Warfare Production Competition 01...



  • Genre - Jungle
  • Tempo - 165-173 bpm
  • Time Sig - 4/4 or 5/4
  • Track Length - 4 to 6 minutes (but if you want to create a huge 12 minute opus then go right ahead)
  • Samples - only those provided in the pack - no original sounds to be produced however extensive manipulation and destruction of the sample pack is actively encouraged.
  • Closing Date - Sunday 12th July

Completed tunes to be exported as MP3 and uploaded to a filesharing service of your choice, and the download link sent to my DMs. I’ll then create a playlist on SC and a poll.

Now go fuck up them breaks.

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and anyone else who wants in…


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Jungle is massive

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I may do.

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you sonnuva bitch, i’m in

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Yeah I’m in boys. Be more fun with no sample pack restrictions tho

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I’ve tried to put in a whole range of stuff so that you can get straight into making a beat rather than editing, cutting up etc, which hopefully makes it a bit more fun. I didn’t want ppl getting bogged down in sample manipulation.

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Das not kompute?

Sample manipulation is the fun tho :lol_og:

People who can’t chop breaks cleanly at the transients don’t deserve to make bangin jungle

But yh I get it. U better not have picked wack breaks tho


No amen, think or funky drummer breaks. You gotta work harder than that!!
I think there’s four main breaks, 4 fills, and 2 or 3 bits and pieces. I ain’t making it too easy on ya!!!

I think I put enough sounds in there that the mainpulators and the block builders can all get stuck in fairly quickly

deleting all my jungle tunes rn


they just better not be some stiff sample pack DNB break, u kinda need that imperfection of them being sampled off a record and then sped up past their intended tempo to give it that jungle vibe

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I’m offended!! I was listening to Jungle before you were even born you cheeky young pup (probably)
They’re all old breaks straight off the vinyl.


nice haha that was my only real concern

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I mean you could just DL the pack and listen… :wink:

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on phone init, gonna do

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looking forward to hearing these

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Sounds fun, I’ll check it out later.

Im assuming the finished tracks will be anonymous?