Just Getting Into Production? What Are You Personally Struggling With?

Hardest thing for me is when you make a dope song and now it’s time to move to the next one. U gotta make the next sound just as good. I probably throw away 5-10 ideas till I get something decent.

absolute hardest thing for me right now is just inspiration
I have no ideas

Yup. Inspiration. Same problem

Dont wait on inspiration. Hunt it down with a fuck-off big knife in your teeth and splatter its blood on the walls of your studio.

Dont build tracks, write music.

I wouldn’t go so far as to tell people to make only as minimal tracks as possible or to use only hardware. IMO there are good minimal tracks and there are good tunes with more stuff going on. There are nice drum machine or MPC jams and then there are brilliant compositions that have been made entirely on the computer. None of them are better than any of the others. People are inspired by different things and we all have our respective ways of working.

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But if you’re perceiving gaps, shouldn’t you be filling them? There’s a difference between minimalism and gappyness, imo, gaps sound shit, minimalism is spacious but not gappy.

I think the knee-jerk reaction to filling gaps and adding layers is more often than not a product of insecurity, like filling a lull in conversation with more bullshit just to keep it going, or wearing fashionable clothes and slick hairstyles to impress somebody. If that’s how you truly feel, fair enough, but the greatest tracks IMO end up with no redundancy or flashy pretense.

Then again, especially when I’m not particularly inspired, I’ll just build tracks like that for the sake of it to hone the craft and hopefully catch a groove, so it has its place I suppose. That approach to music appeals to the masses as well so there’s that. I have some fairly complex flashy tracks that I’ll show friends and they’ll wow but the soul isn’t really there. It’s like taking your friends to see a Michael Bay film vs say a Kubrick one.

So long as it doesn’t sound gappy I can fuck with it.

Yea this is spot on IMO opinion. Knowing when something is gappy and when something is good minimal is the real trick.

Yeah I’d agree but I think if you listen to a mix for too long its easy to lose perspective and add elements in without considering what they’re actually adding. I’m not really a fan of spectral analysers or ‘filling the box’.

I don’t think somebody should put sounds into a track just for the sake of putting tons of sounds in. Most electronic dubstepish tunes got that nowadays and it sounds like fucking trash.
People get this wrong and always put in more and more big sounds even though you can fill up a song with small sounds in the background sort of assisting the big basslines or whatever.
I don’t mean you should leave a song as you say gappy but you can hear it in a lot of ‘brostep’ that people just squeeze that many sounds in and think as long as they got tons of shit in their track it’s gonna be good.