Just released a new tune and would love some feedback

RudeManners - Get up


Let me know what you think.


wow man, the sound design is really impressive and the whole thing has a nice structure, everything flows really well. It’s subjective but the kick could be a bit more ‘powerful’. Some saturation, EQ and sidechain can make wonders!

Once again it’s just my personal taste.
But other than that it’s pretty good. (The second drop was insane!)

Keep up the amazing work!

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I agree with what Blaston said, you should be really proud of your work cuz it sounds great. The kick does seem to get a little lost in the mix though, maybe you didn’t want a kick that punches through the mix with much emphasis but I think using a different kick or layering would be the only recommendation I have. Great work!

Pretty good track man, the kick could use a little more work. I like the intro chord progression, it takes you to a mellow place, then the drop brings the excitement. Keep up the good work. I like your lost woods album art. Did you do it? Could check out one of tracks?

Thanks so much man! Yeah i’ve been looking into the kick, I might fix it and reupload the tune. And the album artwork is a from a really cool guy called Axiom Designs, I don’t think he has a website but heres his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/axiom_design_/

Now for your song;
Love the intro, heavy nostalgia sounds. Maybe try to get some of those basses more “loud” and heavy… sausage fattener. But over all I really dig this track nice work mane!

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