Kai li - Untitled (minimal 3/4 140)


Latest tune up here, a 3/4 time signature dubstep track, just a clip here but pm if you want the full :smile:
Haven’t posted my stuff on the new DSF dubs forum other than the ninja thread yet so please check out my other stuff if you haven’t


big up for rocking 3/4
keep it up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

thx man
if im right and ur £10bag then that one u did with cessman played a part in me using 3/4

I am that guy and big ups to you, I never expected any of my tunes to have any influence on anybody


I also have give some props to you for your tunes Last Chance Saloon and Waltz #3!

1 BigUp

Yeah the timing fits nice. No wonk, all swag mofo