Kin Klavé (Dub - Instrumental/Ethnic/Chill/Sub)

Easy everyone,

Just introducing myself and sharing a sound. Looking forward to getting involved on here and checking out all the music people are posting. I can imagine there’s gonna some hours of scanning around on here! Just noticed that there’s a Black Metal thread too. I feel at home already. :wink:

The names Kris anyway. Nice to meet y’all. Producing as Kin Klavé.

First track to go online is below. Hopefully ‘first’ doesn’t give the impression of ‘terrible’…

It draws upon some eclectic tastes and is fairly experimental. If you’re into Dub with organic influences and clean sub, give it a listen. Anyone into Brostep stuff…might not be for you. Something a little different maybe.

But yeah, respect to anyone who takes the time to listen!

Peace to all! :slightly_smiling:

** Probably the first and last time I use smilies! Probably…