Lady Chann / Flowdan - Knowledge remix comp

For anyone interested there’s a remix comp going on for Lady Chann’s forthcoming release ‘Knowledge’ (featuring Flowdan), details below. Nice to have some quality bars to work with even if you don’t enter the comp :corndance:

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thx 4 the tip should be inspiring!

the original track is p lame tbh. the basses xD

flowdan on point as always

ye not a fan of the original either, but the stems are just the vocals and they’re fiyah, 140 bpm

yeah its a bit brosteppy but pillaging the stems

bun the competition though

i’ve got them in the studio, won’t be back there till later this week so I’ll try and remember to upload them somewhere…

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lol bit late on this, but I finally remembered to put these vocals up on dropbox:


sorry it took so long bruv lol

Nice one, thanks for posting them

Any chance someone could reupload this? Would love to do a remix. Many thanks!

it was still in my public dropbox as it goes, but I’ve re-shared it…new link…

136 clicks and 3 likes on the old link, cunce :joy:


Nice one swerver, much appreciated!

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Cheers for this. Some flowdan vox would be nice to have in the samples folder

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