LAS & Gantz System004

Vivek said on facebook(may/june time 2015) that there will be a repress of each system release and im wondering has LAS & Gantz - System004 already been repressed?


it has not been repressed already


cheers man :+1: I cant wait, firepusher and second nature are too heavy!

mandatory first to lock a copy posts here to make sure no one sleeps. In4 notification.

SO 003 jsut saw a repress, you guys think its safe to assume 004 is up next?

nah, 003 been repressed for time it just hasn’t sold out yet or they’re continually repressing it

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I thought there was a repress of firepusher, remember redeye had them for ‎£10 like over a year ago? or they just found some extra copies ?

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No Idea, im very new to this release (November 2015) haha, I really hope it wasn’t a repress you’re talking about :smirk:

you sure? I didn’t see anything Vivek saying a repress for it… if you’re talking about on redeye records im pretty sure I’ve seen it there for a while now

Gantz on facebook


Firepusher is getting a repress, i’ve been told it will probably be available around April. Some of you kept asking me so thought i’d let you know.

Hope you’re good, will let you know about my next record in 2 months or so.



got an email saying its in stock :punch:

and white peach records