Last Summer by Sarb (soulful 140)

Last Summer - sarbenfreude (smooth soulful 140)

Been working this one for a while, finally decided it was ready to go up online. It’s nice summer time/ sunshine music IMO… Let me know what you think about it!!
Bless up

Very interesting track, like the staccato feel to the drum programming. Those background pads are lush as well.

Not usually a fan of twangy guitar shizzle, but it fits the vibe of the tune nicely. Got me thinking of summer, good stuff :smile:

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big up man thanks for the comments!!

The vocal pads on the intro are gorgeous, take me to the vibes on Joker’s album “The Vision”.
The percussion is fucking ham too, the kick sounds and punches so nicely, and that bass stabbery is sensual.
Solid track.

thank you, I appreciate the love! respect

haven’t got much to say on this, good track!

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