Lazy Alf - Attack Of The Giant Robots (Dubstep)

Killawatt - Static Tension
Amit - Acid Trip
Goth-Trad - Airbreaker
Karma - Rumblefish
Kromestar - R2D6
Quest - Visitors
EshOne - Flight VIP
Skream - 2D
Ikonika - Please
Pangaea - Sunset Yellow
Benga - Pleasure
Silkie, Distal & Mite - Something Wrong With Daisy
Ipman - Non-Integer Multiple
DJG - Drumma
Jack Sparrow - Red Sand
Oukawamine - I Can Feel It
Icicle - Together In The Dust
VIVEK - Talking Shadows
Kryptic Minds & Killawatt - Reaching Through
Goth-Trad - Meteor
Martyn & Marcus Intalex - After Seven
Instra:Mental - Vicodin

After reading the name, I was pleasantly surprised at the track listing.

Will give this a listen.

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Lol yeah, sorry about that… I was running out of ideas for the name at the time I was ready to upload the mix. I guess I came up with that just because the beginning is a bit more pumped up/aggy than what I generally play.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Apart from a few sketchy transitions I think the result is OK. Ideally I should’ve done a second take on this one but I couldn’t be bothered tbh :grinning:

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Did pinch inspire that name

Hum, no… Why should he have?

Ahhhh didn’t know that tune. Nice one, @faultier!

I really need to catch up on the Planet Mu back catalogue.