LD is back!

Yaaas! First release from LD since the Electric EP on Ringo I think (2011?). Sounds great too, so good to have him back.

There was also an upload on his Soundcloud a few months back, although I don’t think that’s been released yet.

Huge news! Really rate LD!

hope it’s not gonna be another toasty situation

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Yeah, or Luke Envoy. :crying_cat_face:


I remember Toasty resurfaced back in 2014 when a couple of his tunes were featured on the Circadian Rhythms show on NTS. Then those tracks were sent to other DJs like Riz La Teef and Facta. Not sure if those were forthcoming or not but it’s been dead silence ever since and nothing’s been happening for more than a year now.

It will be another Toasty situation cause the scene is dead has been dead for like 6 years lol
Unless he changes his style which he hasn’t albiet sounding a little more commercial.
For the record i loved LD’s output back in the day.
I always thought how much inspiration he would of got sitting there with Jason mastering and cutting at Transition.
Think of all the stuff that was cut at that house over the years that he was part of.

Large up LD!


Not surprised since Joe Nice plays a lot of new LD.

You know what i mean. The best years have gone wr all know that, when each year the sound evolved.
There has been no evolution in sound in the last 6, ok 5 years and that is the crux of the argument.
It is alive in the same way dnb is alive.
Doesn’t mean that there aren’t good releases or good nights about.

Beta Blockers is a great tune. Joe plays it at 1:01:30 on the last show



I’m just playing.

Can’t really name a few outstanding producers and say that that sound development applies to a whole scene
What about 90% of the tunes that you’d hear in the average mix?
Can’t deny that there is a lot of good stuff coming out atm though


Can’t believe this, a full EP from LD! Can’t wait to give it a listen later today, will no doubt buy this.

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He did a mix and had a chat with N-Type the other week too. :thumbsup:

read the title as “LD is black!” like it’s some kinda scandal
but yeah, bigups LD, good to see him return

I have the utmost respect for LD but I kinda feel like that wheely thing is so out of touch. Seems like they just copped some old tunes of his that never made it out 6 years ago.

Joe’s been playing some it of it, and some of the other LD tunes he’s been pushing to the public are a lot better imo, but still kinda feeling underwhelmed

I’m a jaded asshole tho, an old artist comes back into the game and i hate them bc they are pushing the older vibes or i hate them because they arent doing the same thing they were doing a decade ago hehe

The new EP does sound like LD circa 2010, but I’m really happy with that. I’ve always loved his sound, but kinda forgot about him for a while. Went back and listened to all his old tracks, didn’t realise how many great memories I have attached to some of them. Gonna check out that Rinse podcast, as I haven’t heard any of his other new bits. Hinka Tinka is my fave on the EP. Hoping for more at some point!