Looking for constructive critisism

So far the only feedback from my music I have is that it sounds like something a 14 year old would make in an old program called DeeJay.

I thought Deejay would be mixing software rather than a DAW but whatever.

But that’s fine, I want honest harsh critisism, but just from more than one person.

ok u asked for it Plaboi
the first track is equivalent to an annoying stutter
before generic noise which improves with the wobble despite un-integrated samples.
third track is best because it actually has an identifiable tune
but again the sounds are too random
the more chugging bit around 1.05 started to interest me
& the deep skip you settle on is nice but again the random sounds are a distraction.

my advice:
forget about the samples for awhile & concentrate on developing a satisfying rhythm
simplify & when you have a satisfying, memorable structure
then consider your sound pallette, including samples,
how they can add colour & texture discretely
rather than as blobs of distraction.
Basically cut back on the noodling & get real about creating tunes.
maybe strip back the third track first; it has potential imo.


I got the structure from watching this video, my songs follow this pretty much. I think I didn’t use a B section or I cut the outro away on the tracks because I like to keep tracks around 3 or 4 minutes rather than 6 or 7

The ideal sounds I’m going for, the dubstep songs I think are the best that I’ve heard so far is songs like these 2 for example.

Now the internet is full of advice on how to sound like skrillex which put me off going full on bro step so I wanted to try and sound like something inbetween.

In addition all the growls, wobbles basses and leads were mostly from Rocket power sounds, Synth hacker and howtomakemusic youtube channels.

I didn’t need to know any of that.
Are you going to acknowledge my sincere commentary
or was I wasting my time?
and even if DiBenji/Skleenex are your exemplars,
can’t you imagine ways of improving on them?
otherwise what’s the point?

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damn sd5 thats some woke production prose right there

:gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:

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why thank you hardhat
I know nothing about music but like to think I can express my ignorance rather well.

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I was going to ask you to expand on certain terms you used.

You said the entire first track is like an annoying stutter. Is there anything in particular which makes it that way and in what sense?

The melody, the growls, the wobbles, the structure, the leads, the samples?

The melody is basic enough but doesn’t stutter, there’s a stuttering wobble that’s meant to stutter.

I’m just going off guess work. I have taken what you said sincerely so I’m looking to see what I can add or take away from the track to improve it.

I’m guessing the “Yeahhhhhhh” sample sounds a bit random I was going to take some of that out based on what you said.

The other samples flow with the rhythm of the track to my ears, although I could possibly look into techniques on blending them in more.

The growl which you described as a generic noise is one I got from a sound creation tutorial and sounds good to me, so based on that subjective decision that also stays in.

I think it is important to tell you what I want to sound like because if I’m going for an old school uk dubstep sound which is basically made of a select few wobbles and not much changes in dynamics then I’m doing a bad job.

Ibenji on the other hand uses very random samples in his track as you can hear. Random deep laughs, random low end wobbling growls that last for ages, random sounding monster gulps and so on.

You also mentioned a memorable structure which is why I pointed out that my structure goes pretty much along with the standard blueprint of dubstep tunes.

I take on board that it will indeed sound generic because I’m using the basic blueprint of standard dubstep tunes but this is pretty among one of my first efforts in making a dubstep tune so I don’t want to go thinking too far out of the box just yet.

Same goes for the growl I take on board it possibly does sound generic although I wouldn’t describe it as generic noise.

You didn’t mention the 2nd track.

And I don’t know what you mean by strip back the 3rd. Take the samples out?

I’m not tryin to be a bastard by asking all this.

I’m just asking to try and learn this craft. I probably will improve on these tunes and repost them.

I’ve probably said all i want to in answer to your pm.
Here I just want to say
as has been said in this forum many times:
If one has a true appreciation of dubstep,
there is no standard blueprint.
If you listen to the days of transition from breakstep/ukg to what became known as dubstep,
there were few similarities because it was essentially experimentation around a vibe
that stripped back a lot of elements to a backbeat & swing,
emphasised the sub, slowed down & went deep.
Wobble, drops, chainsaw, samples, high-hat on the third, even weight
were not essential elements
but became quickly copied identifiers.
If you truly want to make propper dubstep,
I think that you need to appreciate that formative stuff
for why it was innovative & progressive
otherwise you’ll be forever just making clones
& might as well go and make house.

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New one.

MunkiPlayg is the song.


i think the sustained notes really give you a sense of what it’s like to be a monkey.

solid advice overall, big up.

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And another one and another one coming soon.

new tune called the dead bastards.