Looking for feedback if you got the time!

Hi people of dubcommunity! Was looking for some feedback on this dub tune I made, its not done yet but I thought of sharing it with you so you could help me hear if something is missing, or other feedback in general!


Thanks beforehand, peace!

And yeah, its another tune not the original that I wanted feedback on. I hope thats not triggering you haha

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Liked the intro but felt all of the jungle sound elements (pan pipes, bird noises, chanting etc) were a little OTT, like you’re hammering the theme a little more than is necessary.

Drop is nice sounding, LFO movement was a little predictable though after the first few bars. Maybe switch the movement up a little. Also the end of the first drop ~1m30s feels noticeably empty in the bottom end frequency ranges.

Second drop @ 2m23s just felt like a repeat of the first. Tune feels like it’s just looping itself through twice without any variation.

Also that closed hat/shaker pattern is very static sounding and robotic. Could do with a bit of swing on it to make it sound less rigid.

Wow thanks for such quick reply!
Yeah I feel as if you are on point on your feedback. I totally agree, I will delete this post quick cause of a error I noticed in the song right after the post( stupid me) but will do a new thread in a little while. Would really love for your feedback again if thats not too much to ask since you were very clear on what was “wrong”.

Again thanks for such a quick and informative reply!


Btw is there an option to delete thread? Kind of new to the site and its a bit confusing haha

No worries, happy to help.


You could just leave this thread and then edit in the amended tune once it’s ready?

Yeah that sounds way more reasonable haha, thanks!

down to feed you some back whenever you get another revision on the cloud m8

Dude thanks<3 Really appreciate that!

Is there any other way I can link a tune exept for soundcloud? Got I little section of a song that Im actually kinda happy with and I thought about sharing it and see if you got any feedback on it? Its dubby with a heavy sub just rolling there.

Why not just upload the clip to Soundcloud and set it to Private?

And just “unprivate” it so that you can hear?

No, when set to Private they’ll be a special link you can use to allow access to it; it just won’t show up on your tracks page.

Really? A whole new world… So If you click on my soundcloud link you’ll hear it? Or do I send the special link in a special way?

There we go! Now its done :smile:

Sax intro is nice, like how it gradually filters into. Kick and snare feel a little on the flat side, though I’m liking that right panned open hat you’ve got going on.

Bass is nice, mixdown has everything sitting together well. Would’ve expected a switch up in percussion or something after the drop at 55s, like it built to a crescendo but nothing came after it?

Thanks for the feedback man! Yeah after the 55s mark I was going for a more bass focused drop instead of the sax. But maybe I should surprise the listener with different perc or maybe another melody? What do you think?

Again thanks man!

Well, ultimately it’s your tune but I was honestly expecting a skippy closed hi hat pattern or something to come in to give the groove a little more of a steppy feel to it or something.

Oh and about the kick/snare feeling flat. Agree with you. Esp the kick in my opinion feels flat, need to work on it.

That doesnt sound bad, will definitly try some closed hats to give it more of a groove, especially when the sax is removed in the first section of the 55s drop!

Another thing that maybe is worth trying is to give the reverb on the snare a different sound every other snare hit to give it more of a “groove”, if I make any sense haha