Looking for feedback on this new wifey riddim

Hello all!

Nearly finished this new bit, just want to add some extra bells and whistles. Wanted to know what people thought of it so far though. Thanks!



The overall vibe is pretty sick and I like me some instrumental Hip Hop.

Could have a bit more punch on the kick + snare (some layering is needed), But it’s nice so far so good job.

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^ yooo that shit is grime u dunce

nice tuna, the accapella is familiar 2 me as I’ve used it as well on a bait house track way back. but here you’ve obviously used the full song.

good choppin although It could be even more erratic? if that’s the word I mean if it isn’t 140 make it so and add a bit of chopping up. but even as it is, would play, this is good.

Yeah, it is 140. Hmm, okay, some good feedback to take on board, nice one. And yeah, def needs some extra drums, I just put those in quick to get the pattern down. Safe, thanks guys!

Grime/ Hip Hop. All the same thing to us Americans you nob.

Go drink some tea while…uh…doing other UK things and such. Wanker! :angry:

Yoooo, everyone chilllllll! Although tbh, hip hop and grime are two different things…

topmo’s Finnish, m8.

spot on mate although I very much enjoy drinking tea and other UK stuff

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Lololol. thnks anyway for all the feedback, going to take this link down now until it is finished. Safe!