Looking for feedback, production/promotion help, etc

I am a music producer from Kansas City, Kansas and I am looking to gain more production knowledge as well as promotion help. I mainly produce dubstep, but I also like to venture out into new avenues of production. I would really appreciate if you guys would check out some of my music and let me know what you guys think. Thanks guys!


I see from your Soundcloud page you are already getting label releases and getting booked to play alongside big name guys like Bassnectar and Porter Robinson.

So seems your production and promotion is already on point?

ehh, it was festival lineups so I’m not getting a lot of playing out, but I’m really just looking to get out of the “local scene” haha. Just looking to better myself

Ok, so do you have a specific tune you want feedback on, or just general self promotion advice?

Or both?

(Also, how’s the audio engineering course? Though I swear I read that five mins ago and now can’t see where I saw it)

Mainly just feedback on the newer tunes and what not, and just whatever gems you may have on self promotion would be cool haha. And yeah man, the audio engineering course is nice, learning a TON about patching and mixdowns! It’s fun haha.

Ok, I’ll give the tunes a proper listen when I’m in the office. Will skip over anything that is listed as coming out on a label (as guessing it’s already sorted in terms of production etc)

Promotion wise will dig out some old resources and links that have been posted.

I could really use a sit down and learning about patch bays, haha.

Alright man, cool! Thanks! I’d focus on the Adventure Club remix, Fly Away, and stuff like that. Those are what I’m really starting to write like, along with the Nice Shoes song haha.

haha, yeah patch bays are a little confusing but you get used to it