Looking for someone to collab with

Been producing for around 2 years, would like to collab with another fl user, simply to expand horizons and learn new things and have fun etc.I feel some of my producing is in a bit of a rut atm so a collab would be a cool way to trigger some inspiration. Anyway if interested let me know :smile:

^here is some of my work.
I would love to collaborate, I have a pretty firm grasp of what FL studio can do, but would love to expand my horizons. I try to take a bit from all genres I enjoy, from rap, to dubstep, to rock.

Thats pretty cool man. Heres some things i do https://soundcloud.com/8-bitheroes.
Il give you a pm if your still up for it!

yo bro I would be down, I came from FL and I switched to Ableton, I could help ya learn ableton if you would like :smiley:

thanks man, im not really looking to switch to ableton though.