having trouble with keeping my sounds mono and making them sound large
used serum for all these WUBZ
comments, suggestions, anything appreciated.

please comment on my use of drums as well (i enjoy punchy drums)


There isn’t enough space between the sub notes and it makes it sound like 1 big sub note, you want your sub to sound like an extension of your “WUBZ” :stuck_out_tongue:

The vocal fade in thing right before the drop sound as loud (or possibly louder) than the bass sounds and takes a way a lot of the impact.

Drums are pretty nice though, I do have to say.

Consider turning the bass sounds up a bit more (but not the sub), it lacks of overall impact compared to the other elements in the drop. You made your sub nice and loud which is is good, however the presence of it is a bit lacking, probably because of the first issue I brought up.

My biggest suggestion is compare it more to a song you like or that sounds somewhat similar to yours, and get the mix as close as you can. Really take some extra time focusing on the mix. Even compare it to multiple songs.

Your song is already released so you most likely won’t be fixing it now, but take this with you for your next.

Also if you plan on allowing downloads on your songs in the future, please upload them as MP3, not many people like collections of large WAV files or having to convert it to MP3 themselves.

Overall good song my dude, I want to hear more in the future!


I tried something a little bit different… the sounds r upgraded but im trying my best to process them in a way where they don’t sound “hollow” if you know what I mean. I also abandoned the use of any sort of highpass/lowpass filter within serum - now i’m only using fabfilter to cutoff 50Hz downward.


I know this reply is late but figured I’d still do it haha. This is really sick!!! Sound design is on point. In terms of the mono thing and adding punch, a very common thing that I’ve seen a lot of top producers do in live streams and what not is have a stereo imager on a return track on maximum settings (something like the waves s1 or the ozone imager with all the bands up) and then you send the basses to it to essentially “blend” in extra stereo width to the serum patches. It keeps both the mono compatibility but still adds the extra width to make it sound bigger on stereo systems. Just make sure to side chain the return track to the drums as well. The drums were awesome, love the “slap” that they have. Good job man!