Make a snare and share!

I thought it might be good practice to make a snare either by layering or synthesis or a combo of the two then post it here to share and compare and all those good things.
So yeah, make a snare drum post it here to share with others and if you feel like it discuss the process you used to make it.

Heres my attempt :

Theres an echo in here here here

Some of you tnucs had the nerve to download his sample.

I’ll make one when I get home tonight.

I’ll guess the best samples can be put in a sample pack :smiley: will post one as soon as I can :D.

thanks for contributing guys. Think my link has expired il post a new one

Here’s mine. I didn’t make it with a synth but it’s layers of some of my favorite drum hits with some after effects :stuck_out_tongue:

I put together a beat too.

Free Snare, hope you like it :smiley:

I didnt make this snare, but its a REALLY GOOD snare